Price on Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ is the joint presentation of Subaru and Toyota. This sports car is much awaited by the sports car lovers. The lowest ever horizontally opposes boxer engine makes it a unique automobile. The car will be released in the next spring. However, people are talking about the price of the automobile.

The base price of car is $25,495. Scion FR-S is considered as the counterpart of the Subaru BRZ, and BRZ is $ 1,295 is expansive if we compare it with FR-S. The base price of the Subaru BRZ includes six speed manual transmission and 200 horse power boxer engine. It also includes GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and HID headlamps. If the user wants an upgraded six speed automatic transmission, he has to pay $1,100 extra and the total price will be $ 26,595. Moreover, if user wants some special accessories in his Subaru, he can request and he has to pay extra for the requested accessories.

For limited edition, the price of Subaru BRZ is $27, 495. This price is for manual transmission, while for automatic transmission, user will be paying 1,100 extra and the total price will be $ 28,595. The limited edition contains Alcantara seat inserts with leather bolster, heated seats and mirrors. It also has dual zone automatic climate control system and fog lights. Body color deck lid spoiler is another feature of limited package.

Yes the price of Subaru BRZ is greater as compared to other similar automobiles. But, the features and qualities it offers are also really amazing. Drivers will be surprised to get such a great automobile, which is only one of its kinds. The vehicle will be released in 2013, but people are anxiously waiting for this sports car. Its release will be a great launch of the upcoming year.


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